Brezsny loves Leo

Ultimo oroscopo Brezsny (in inglese perché questa settimana la traduzione in italiano non mi è piaciuta! 😛 ):

I hesitate to be so blunt, but the fact of the matter is that right now
God in on your side. This is true even if you’re an atheist. Simply
put, the Divine Wow is listening to you more closely than She is to
everyone else; She is more prone to slipping you little gifts than all
of Her other children; She is plotting to reveal more useful inside
information to you than She has in a long time. Here’s a tip to ensure
you’ll get the maximum benefit out of your goodies: Use at least some
of your fantastic luck to help people in need.

E quello della settimana scorsa era:

The feats you’re pulling off may not appear spectacular to a casual
observer. But in my view, they are some of the most interesting
accomplishments you’ve enjoyed in a while. Here’s a brief description
of some of your subtly glorious breakthroughs: 1. You’ve made yourself
less susceptible to being manipulated by guilt or pushed around by
bullies or fooled by phonies. 2. You’re getting smarter about how you
treat the people and things you love. 3. You’re at the peak of your
ability to discern the difference between rash risks motivated by fear
and smart gambles driven by authentic intuition.

Considerando che ho passato una settimana sentendomi di merda (no, non mi è successo niente di grave eh… ma sono stata costantemente fiacca, insonnolita, raffreddata e vittima dell’emicrania, uno straccetto lagnoso insomma…) questo oroscopo così energico non sembra rispecchiarmi molto ma mi fa comunque piacere sapere che le stelle sono dalla mia parte! 😀