Welcome joy, and welcome sorrow – John Keats

"Under the flag

Of each his faction, they to battle bring

Their embryon atoms."Milton

WELCOME joy, and welcome sorrow,

Lethe’s weed and Hermes’ feather;

Come to-day, and come to-morrow,

I do love you both together!

I love to mark sad faces in fair weather;

And hear a merry laugh amid the thunder;

Fair and foul I love together.

Meadows sweet where flames are under,

And a giggle at a wonder;

Visage sage at pantomine;

Funeral, and steeple-chime;

Infant playing with a skull;

Morning fair, and shipwreck’d hull;

Nightshade with the woodbine kissing;

Serpents in red roses hissing;

Cleopatra regal-dress’d

With the aspic at her breast;

Dancing music, music sad,

Both together, sane and mad;

Muses bright and muses pale;

Sombre Saturn, Momus hale; –

Laugh and sigh, and laugh again;

Oh the sweetness of the pain!

Muses bright, and muses pale,

Bare your faces of the veil;

Let me see; and let me write

Of the day, and of the night –

Both together: – let me slake

All my thirst for sweet heart-ache!

Let my bower be of yew,

Interwreath’d with myrtles new;

Pines and lime-trees full in bloom,

And my couch a low grass-tomb.

La mia poesia preferita di Keats, più delle celeberrime La belle Dame sans Merci od Ode on a Grecian Urn; è quella che mi rispecchia maggiormente: "Fair and foul I love together"



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